The 3rd way



Making Of

Un film de: Jean-Michel Tari
Genre: Policier, Thriller
Durée: 28'
Support: 2K 3D
Format: 1:85
Année: 2011

Site Officiel

The hideout of the bank robber Jérôme MILIANI, recently escaped from a high security prison, is localized in a big disused warehouse. The police operation intended to put him back in jail is set up. The place is encircled and the reinforcements are along the way.

But someone will jeopardizes this perfect plan: the Captain of Police RIBOIRE… This cop has little regard for rules and a total dis-respect for any hierarchy. His methods are highly unusual but he get result. He is also well known and respected for being the one that caught Miliani so many times.

So when he enters into the warehouse to under his colleagues and superiors noses, everybody is expecting that things will get a little wild…they’ll get served.