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Initiated by a community of artists, KAFARD FILMS has been evolving since 2003 in premises that have become both a breeding ground and meeting place for artists, comedians and technicians.

Aiming to offer a wide array of styles (from period films to feature documentaries and fantasy shorts…), we specialize in producing across the board projects allowing daring innovative filmmakers experiment new ways in filmmaking.

From the inception of our studios in 2012, our line producing services have been growing steadily from award winning short films to international features that have travelled the world in various festivals turning our company into a full-fledged production studio.

Through our expertise and low overhead, we are able to substantially cut production costs while offering additional artistic and technical values by the use of our own sets and locations, studios, costumes and technical departments, our in-house post-production facilities including sound design as well as a team of devoted and seasoned technicians and comedians.

From 3D stereoscopic documentaries to celluloid feature films, KAFARD FILMS can oversee every step of the line producing process starting with pre production to post-production completion for daring and original independent film projects from all horizons.

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