Max Maar


Un film de: Harald Hutter
Année: 2020


Max Maar is a director who’s in the mist of casting for his new short film. He’s also in development for his first feature which he’s been trying to get off the ground for more than 2 years. Frustrated by his lack of success he spends quite a bit of time chasing women.

After a rather disastrous meeting with a big wig producer and a comical meeting with a private investor, Max turns to his dealer Carlotta for some help. Being a fan of art house cinema, Carlotta decides to put Max in touch with a couple of dealers who go by the name of Moustique and Tétanos. They need a driver to do a go fast.

At the dealers’ hideout, Max enters a world that’s not what he expected. As they begin to plan the go fast, a panicked  girl that goes by the name of Lollipop bursts into the room with some bad news: the cops are looking for them!


The cast:
Hugo Dillon / In the  lead role of Max Maar
Manon Bresch / in the role of Ava
Mathilde La Musse / in the role of Lollipop
Aïmen Derriachi / in the role of Moustique
Salif Cisse / in the role of Tétanos
Florian Hutter / in the role of Vincent
Aurélia Arto / in the role of Jeanne

Director and screenplay : Harald Hutter
Cinematography : Alex Nevill
Original score : Maxime Hervé
Producer : Paul-Anthony Mille