Memories of desire


Un film de: Victoria Schultz
Année: 2018

In the film Memories of Desire, a schoolgirl is swept into a relationship with a sophisticated older foreign man visiting Finland where the story starts in the late 1950’s. He desires her body while she desires his support for her dream of becoming a writer. With letters to each other and meetings in hotel rooms across Europe, they pursue what they want. However, when she denies him her body, he threatens, humiliates and frightens her sexually. The perverse affair has haunted the filmmaker to this day which is why she chose to play
the teenager in this fictional version
of her story.

After more than forty years in the artistic industry, Victoria Schultz has directed and produced worldwide award films for the United Nations. Among her films, the most famous : ARGENTINA UNDER THE MILITARY IN 1958 – WOMEN IN NICARAGUAN REVOLUTION – WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION are all today considerated as precious historical material of unique events.