Online Billie


Un film de: Lou Assous
Année: 2018

Site Officiel

Awards : Best feature film at BIFF 2019, New York

Casting : 
Baptiste Lorber
Valentine Payen
Fanny Cottençon

Online Billie takes place in Paris, nowdays. Jules, a lost, funny and romantic actor on the making, meets a mysterious and independant waitress called Esther. They flirt in a bar and end up spending the night together.
In the morning, they leave on a whim for a weekend in Jules’ childhood home, in the countryside, where they have beautiful moments together and live something very peculiar. Until Jules discovers that Esther is actually a camgirl.
She does erotic shows via webcam under the name of Billie. Jules reacts very badly to the news but Esther has no intention to change for him. He knows he wants to be with Esther, he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to accept what she does…

Screenshots :